Wedding Photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hi! I'm Kelly.

A little about me...

I started my photography journey more than a decade ago raising funds for my first mission trip to India, traveling there three more times after that, and also to Thailand, Haiti, and Mexico for other callings, I found a love for travel and also continued learning and growing my photography skills.

When I'm not behind the camera or editing those beautiful images, you might find me out on our boat, stopping for ice cream with my family with our two dogs in tow.

Kelly Jo Photography a wedding photographer in Grand Rapids



I have five children and two dogs! We love being outside and traveling! My oldest daughter is a hair stylist and does local and destination weddings! My second oldest daughter plays water polo for her University and the violin in her orchestra, all three of my boys are wrestlers and two play Rugby! My husband and I have been married for 24 years :)


Countires I've Been

Thailand, India, Dubai, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Italy, Kenya, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Honduras, France


Things I Love

A good cup of coffee, preferably one from a little cafe in Paris with a buttery croissant, but one from my kitchen here in Michigan is good too!

Travel, really anywhere! I love being on the water, spending time with my family, and relaxing on the couch at the end of the day...I probably will fall asleep there too :)



I love them. They are not just a "job" for me, I literally will tear up at every first dance with your Dad or Mom, just ask my girls who second shoot with me! I love photographing all of the little details of your day, all of the moments you knew I was there for and the ones you didn't, and I love being a comforting presence to you, to help you enjoy your day fully, and just be you, so you can look back through your photographs and relieve the most special day of your life.

Kelly Jo, traveling wedding photographer, in Rome
Kelly Jo, a traveling wedding photographer, at the beach
Kelly Jo, traveling wedding photographer, in Paris
Kelly Jo, traveling wedding photographer, with family in Florida