Paris, France Wedding on the Seine River | Destination Wedding Photographer

If you think of a romantic getaway in France, you think Paris. The architecture in remarkable and the cuisine is exquisite, breathtaking views and cobblestone streets are enough to make anyone fall in love with Paris. A wedding in Paris, France was definitely a dreamy location for this couple! 

Famously known as the city of love, it was the choice for Tisarai and Kevin to say their wedding vows. A true destination wedding that required much research and effort on their part, this wedding couple held a true luxury wedding on the amazing Seine river which was hosted by the wonderful hosts on the Canauxrama. How amazing to see all of the iconic locations at night with their twinkling lights as the couple said "I do". The Eiffel Tower never ceases to amaze, however, once evening comes, the lights twinkle and it truly is a beautiful sight!

A Paris wedding photographer has an abundance of iconic places to choose from to capture amazing photos of the bride and groom! Traffic can also be crazy in this busy city so we could only go to a few locations, however, our wonderful driver helped transport us to some great spots! Stopping in our vintage car at a little coffee shop, photographing near the Eiffel Tower, and some other areas that just have the "Paris" look to them was just a treat!

Our wedding planners at Believe In Me (BIM) Events were top notch and the sweetest, most organized people you will meet, even bringing us coffee and croissants to start our early 6:45am morning where we began at the brides location for hair + makeup. I could not recommend them more! 

A ceremony and reception on the Seine river with dancing and toasts to end the evening was nothing short of spectacular! A wedding in Paris, France is a dream come true for those romantics who want an incredible day in the City of Love. 

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