The Union Pavilion at Railside Spring Wedding | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

Janelle and John hosted their spring wedding at The Union Pavilion at Railside, a beautiful venue on a golf course in the Byron Center area, close to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The ceremony was outside in a setting with beautiful flowering trees on the cedar pergola, it's really a perfect setting! The indoor area for their reception was spacious with large windows giving beautiful views of the gold course and lots of natural lighting. Janelle and John had their first look near the white flowering trees and said their private vows to each other, then we went out on the green for their wedding photos! The Union has an abundance of amazing areas for wedding photography, and no matter the time of year, the views are amazing! The weather gave us a lovely day, and their friends and family had a great time eating a delicious meal with lots of dancing and fun! Ending the day with that spectacular golden hour and sunset that never disappoints at The Union. 

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