Tropical Cruise Ship Destination Wedding in Cozumel | Destination Wedding Photographer

Allison + Nick chose to have their wedding ceremony and day at a beautiful and fun location in Cozumel at Mr Sanchos Beach Club. Mr Sanchos has a ton to do for all ages! Water sports and fun for the whole family, all inclusive, amazing food, and a wonderful pool with a swim up bar! They offer private ceremony space away from all the other guests that is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and little paths that offer spectacular views of the Caribbean ocean. 

The wedding planner in Cozumel was amazing and helped with every step in the planning, and was very friendly the entire day that we spent at the beach club. If you are planning a destination wedding in Cozumel be sure to contact Cozumel Wedding Planner!

The wedding week was also spent on Carnival Cruise Lines Celebration ship, which is currently the largest in their fleet at has numerous activities to get involved in, including fun on a rollercoaster and waterslides too! Allison and Nick had their reception dinner at one of their wonderful restaurants and later in the week their goodbye cocktail hour in the piano bar that hosted amazing appetizers and drinks. We enjoyed fun the whole week on the ship and also had stops at the ports of Roatan, Honduras, Costa Maya, Mexico, and of course Cozumel. 

What an amazing wedding week with Allison and Nick and their sweet family and friends who embraced us as their people all week!

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