Summer Wedding at The Union Pavilion at Railside

Niki and Justin chose to hold their wedding reception at The Union Pavilion at Railside, located in Byron Center, Michigan. Railside is a golf course that give gorgeous views no matter the time of year, and always hosts amazing sunsets for those "golden hour" photos that we all love! 

If you are looking to hold your wedding and or wedding reception near to the Grand Rapids area, Railside is a excellent choice! 

The Union is a lovely location, large wooden beams, a stone fireplace, white walls and big windows and space for up to 300 guests, this venue has a rustic and elegant feel both. Your wedding photography at The Union Pavilion at Railside will have many options for sure! From pathways and bridges to flowers and sunsets, there and endless locations for your wedding photographer to get creative! I have been to Railside many times and always love coming back!

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